What steps are being taken in the property industry to be Net Zero? 

Anyone whose been involved in upgrading their home, or even seeing new ones being built, must be aware that it’s a messy and energy intensive process. So other than planting trees to offset all that carbon emitted into the atmosphere what can we do to make home building Net Zero by 2050? writes Zah Azeem, Partner at Wimbledon-based surveyors Scrivener Tibbatts. 
One project has already started to take action on this. The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) has embarked on an ambitious project to develop a Net Zero Whole Life Carbon Roadmap, supporting the decarbonisation of the built environment in the UK. The plan is to set clear sector-based carbon allowances, targets and actions, as well as build widespread industry buy-in. 
UKGBC is one of several European Global Building Councils trying to build a common vision and agreed actions for achieving Net Zero carbon in the construction, operation and demolition of buildings and infrastructure and forming their Whole Life Carbon Vision.   

Critical to making this work is that it should be industry led and consensus based and ideally with national and local Government backing.  

Four Task Groups comprised of over 50 experts have been formed to work through the decarbonisation implications across sectors and develop a timeline of solutions. An industry-wide Steering Group has also been formed to oversee the Roadmap and provide strategic input throughout the process. The groups worked together from April-July to develop the initial Roadmap proposals. 

If you would like updates on the development of the Roadmap and opportunities to get involved, please contact Alexandra Jonca at the UKGBC. 

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