Expert Witness

As an expert witness, Mike Tibbatts MRICS MEWI can prepare ‘expert’ valuation reports for Court or Tribunal hearings.  See also our description at the page entitled ‘Restrictive Covenants’.

If it is necessary Mike can present these long and detailed reports in person in a Court or Tribunal hearing and he will offer himself to searching cross examination, if this is necessary.  Solicitors will find this service useful for matrimonial proceedings and other property disputes, including claims for alleged negligence, requiring the valuation of residential land and buildings – including statutory valuations.

Mike is happy to accept appointments as a joint single expert – he has a knowledge of the procedure known as hot-tubing.

Where two expert witnesses have been appointed, Mike being one of them, he is able and has experience of attending expert witness meetings before trial to narrow issues in dispute and to try and seek agreement, without the necessity of a full hearing.

Mike Tibbatts is a member of the RICS Expert Witness Accreditation Scheme (EWAS) also known as the President’s Panel of Accredited Expert Witnesses.  Mike is a member of the Expert Witness Institute (EWI) and he regularly undertakes training specifically as an expert witness to hone and keep up to date his report writing and court room presentation skills.

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