Schoolchildren hold the key to future greener homes.

A membership organisation for landowners, rural businesses and rural professionals has said Scottish schoolchildren should be taught how their actions now can impact on climate change and the kind of homes they will live in in the future.
Scottish Land & Estates (SLE) last week called for more education for schoolkids on the important role housing plays in our lives, in response to the Scottish Government consultation: ‘Housing to 2040 Vision and Principles’.
Marcelina Hamilton, policy adviser at SLE, commented: “Schoolchildren hold the key to Scotland’s future housing being good for our health and wellbeing, environmentally-friendly, accessible for people with disabilities and available in rural areas as well as towns and cities.
“If we educate children now about how their actions and choices could impact on the types of homes they live in in the future, this could go some way to helping the Scottish Government meet their housing vision. In twenty years’ time, today’s schoolchildren will be tenants and homeowners. We want to see rural areas with good population numbers, a vibrant property and rental market, with environmentally-friendly homes which are accessible and provide good health and wellbeing.
You can read SLE’s full consultation response here.
Who knew that children would one day be future home buyers. But to educate them twenty years early? Bonkers, surely?
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