Affordable homes and expensive complaints

An article this week in Housing Today set us off thinking whether our fellow residents in Wimbledon have any understanding about all the planning decisions that are taken in their name?

The article reported that nearby Wandsworth council has been given the nod to build more than 40 affordable homes on an infill site occupying part of the Kersfield estate in south-west London.

Designed by Mae, which is working with Croydon council’s development company Brick by Brick on a number of small site schemes in the south London borough, the 41 Wandsworth homes are part of the local authority’s plan to build 1,000 mixed-tenure homes by 2025.

Great, we thought. So what’s the situation here in Wimbledon? Well, you can read all the current applications here.

Whilst you’re on that page take a look at how much space is also dedicated to what to do if you’re unhappy with a neighbour’s hedge:   

“You could also try resolving the issue with your neighbour using the Calm Mediation website. Or, to make a complaint by filling out this form: High hedges – make a complaint.”

However, it does cost a cool £400 to lodge such a complaint! Then, once the council has received your form they will determine whether it is a valid complaint. If they decide it is not a valid complaint then you’ll get a letter explaining why this is the case, and you do get your money back.

They aim to reach a decision within 12 weeks of receipt of a valid complaint. (By which time the hedge would have had three months to grow even higher!!)

If the person responsible for managing the hedge does not comply with the remedial notice they could be prosecuted in the magistrate’s court. If found guilty they could be fined up to £1,000. If the works are still not carried out within a specified time that person could be fined on a daily basis. Ouch.

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